» Landscaping

We have been creating and expanding flowerbeds ever since we moved to the farm in North Salem. When we moved to our new house on the farm, we started with a brand new canvas and are slowly working from the foundation outward.

We started on April 18th by digging all of the detritus away from the foundation, and replacing it with rich, 4 year old compost. We reshaped the front walkway to our liking and proceeded to create flowerbeds and walkways on the front side of the house, working our way around the building in a counterclockwise motion. In other words, we started at the northwest corner, and worked our way southward, as the days got longer and the temperatures continued to climb.


These are some of the pictures of the changes that have occurred since April of 2009.


Gardens, as with relationships, require frequent tending with the utmost care.