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You could say that I have had an interest in Politics since I was a young lad. I remember where I was the day John F. Kennedy was shot. I remember when Winston Churchill died as well. In fact, I still have the Newspapers that were printed on those days, days forever written in the memories of a generation. Having sat on the sidelines and complained about the process, I have found myself running for public office at the Provincial level and at the end of the last millenium was three votes shy of a nomination as the candidate for my riding, Federally. So yes, We can talk a little Politics.

Click here to read my nomination speach given while running to become a candidate for the Alliance party in the riding of Kings/Hants.


When my wife and I bought our first home, we had our first oppourtuniy to till the soil of our own piece of ground. Many years later we have a much bigger yard and a greenhouse business was required to feed our notion that no patch of ground should go untended. Gardening is our pastime, our respite, our therapy, and many times our salvation. Expect to see pictures soon.

Click here to see some the landscaping initiatives we began in the spring of 2009. 


We have shared our lives with Wolfhounds for more that a quarter of a century. They occupy a special place in our hearts and have always been considered a part of the family. Expect pictures and Stories soon.

Click here for some of our favorite pics of our gentle giants.

The Human Condition

I have been a Student of Human Nature all of my adult life. Although shy by nature, I constantly seek out people I believe to be smarter than I, in order to further my progress toward comprehension. In the future I plan to invoke dialogue through these cyber pages with like minded people, in order to further the evolution of the Human Spirit. Expect there to be a Quiz.

Click here to engage.


This has always been a dangerous subject, in fact, in some regions of the World, it can be downright Lethal. As I have had a more than passing interest in Religion over the years, expect further discourse and interaction on this subject in the future.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.“
-Chinese Proverb