» Human Condition

All my life I have been fascinated by my fellow humans and our ability to thrive despite our nature. We are a violent race, we humans, and we may have come out of the caves, some say even that we may have come out of the trees, but the thin veneer of civilized behavior that we wear as proof of our civility can quickly dissipate and leave us with only our instincts.

The first of which is to survive.

Anyone who has tuned in to the famous reality show in the last 7 - 9 years now knows that survival, to the vast majority of television viewers, is now a game show with the winner getting a pile of lucre. Out on our streets, survival has a  whole different context, and result.

As a result of a visit to my medical professionals, I find myself in an untravelled portion of my landscape and am currently exploring a number of methods of disseminating more information to an ever increasing audience. Stay tuned.

 So, the GP says that I have inoperable, stage four, metasticized, terminal bladder cancer. This after a tumor was removed in April of 2010 and subsequent biopsies, and scopes determined that the cancer had not invaded the bladder wall. The Oncologist says it looks like the blood vessels feeding the tumor were quietly spreading the seeds of it's hateful legacy into the abdominal wall. The reason the Urologist did not do a CT scan back when the tumor was discovered, to see if there was something else going on as well? The percentage of this kind of spread was small, so the economics did not dictate spending more on checking it out. A scope every three months told us all was well, and I was ostensibly clear of cancer in the bladder. A year later, pain in the abdomen told me something was wrong. How serious it was, came as somewhat of a shock. As in "Oh, btw, you are going to die over this."

More on all this later.